Inspiration By Rina

Recap of our inspiration: As expected our lovely Rina hit a very much needed topic of Spiritual Hijra. She started off by connecting us with New Years and said that when New Years roles around we make all kinds of resolutions for change, to become better in areas that need us to grow. Because inside each of us there is s certain craving of spirituality it is essential that we quench our spirituality by wanting to create resolutions that will aid us in moving forward with our faith.


There were 3 components that Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) had when He had to make his Hijra from Makkah to Medina:


  1. He had a clear goal; which was to get the muslims to medina safely
  2. He had a clear plan (included strategies and had God’s blessings)
  3. And He had a companion (his best friend Abu Bakr)


When we have spiritual resolutions we should also include those 3 components (to help facilitate success rates) ; A goal, A plan and at least one companion.


Rina advised us with 3 golden rules 1)never miss a Fardh prayer. Commit ourselves from the hijra of our beds to looking passed the comforts of our bed or the self consciousness at work and be confident in our prayers. 2) Tahajjud (middle of the night prayers ), an essential part of our deen. Read 2 passages from the quran about tahajjuds virtue and all it takes is sacrificing 15 minutes before the actual time of fajr, a tahajjud buddy to help give us support for this beautiFul cause, reading about its virtue (to help remind ourselves) of how rewarding it really is, going to bed early will help us and remember that at first though it may seem inconvenient after some time we will look forward to these silent prayer times and rejuvenate ourselves with it.
And lastly 3) behaviour. Rina gently read how beautifying our mannerisms is also something very virtuous, we should be able to creatively bring people towards the masjids and Allah. Ignite joy and love in our environments and recognize the beauty of life in all conditions.


Thank you Rina, it is a much needed topic and we appreciate you raising our awareness and sharing strategies to help us succeed. 🙂




This blog has been created to discuss our weekly fitness reminders that follow our Hiit styled fitness class for sisters in Shah Alam, Malaysia.   Whether you are a participant or not in our classes feel free to benefit and comment. To sign up to get a FREE trial pass or simply to learn more, you go to our website here:

Inspiration – Salma

Salaam ladies,

Recap of this week’s inspiration ; done by our very own inspirational Salma

Salma spoke to us about Living a sunnah lifestyle. What is meant by sunnah is simply anything the Prophet( saw) said, did, or approved.
She encouraged us to Follow His example routinely, as he is not only our Prophet, but the most successful man who ever lived both in this world and the hereafter. Salma wonderfully started giving us examples that will help as a guidance. The examples are listed as follows ;

-He structured his days around prayer time rather than structure prayer around his days. He never wasted time and utilised it at his best.
– divide different parts of the day
1. Fajr to sunrise
– wake up
*make dua
*sunnah Fajr prayer (it is said that the sunnah of fajr is more beloved than all that is in the heavens and on earth)
* encourage masjid (husbands and sons) for Fajr
*wives stay and pray at home (pray all fard in congregation with children if possible- as it helps with their upbringing)
*azkar after salaah (azkar can be found in the book fortress of a Muslim)
*morning azkar reward as if you went for haj and umrah with the Prophet sallahu alaihi wassalam. This is gained only if you sat after fajr to do the fajr azkar followed by the morning azkar/sit in the masjid until the sunrise (shuru’) and pray 2 rakaat solat shuru’/dhuha

2. Sunrise to zuhur
* this is the time the main activity of the day should take place
– work, school, etc
-dhuha prayer minimum 2, max 8/12
*spend quality time with family
*visit (family/friends/the sick) /charity work
*a nap before zuhur/power nap(refreshes you for more task/helps in getting up for midnight prayer)

3. Zuhur to Asar
*sunnah zuhur prayer 4 rakaat before zuhur 2 rakaat after
*religious knowledge – study circle/listening to Islamic lectures/read

4. Asar to maghrib
*4 rakaat sunnah prayer before asar
*pray asar in, at the beginning of time
*spend time with family
*evening azkar esp on fridays

5. Maghrib to isha’
*2 rakaat sunnah before maghrib prayer and 2 rakaat after maghrib
*solat maghrib
*dinner with family
– have pleasant conversation
– teach good manners of eating
– saying Bismillah
– eating with the right hand/with three fingers
– eating from what’s next to you
– do not criticise the food but praise good food
– if invited to dinner by a friend/other family members make do not forget to make dua for the host
– if you have guests, give them more food
– never recline when eating, it is a sign of arrogance
– never over eat
– saying Alhamdulillah after eating/licking your fingers after eating even though some might think it is a sign of bad manners, it is a sunnah

6. Isha’ to midnight
* again, encourage husbands and sons in masjid
*delay isha’ prayer
*pray 2 rakaat sunnah prayer after isha’ (husbands and sons at home)
*spend quality time with family/spouse
*azkar before sleeping
*sleep after isha and wake up after midnight for night prayer
– use siwak
– pray easy 2 rakaats to start with then get into longer ones
– waking up family to pray witr
– go back to sleep till fajr

Here are some other well-known virtues;
– reward of a palace in Jannah if you prayed the 12 sunnah prayers (the prayers before and after the fard prayers) which are
2 rakaat before fajr
4 rakaat before dzuhr
2 rakaat after dzuhr
2 rakaat after maghrib
2 rakaat after isha’

However for a married Muslimah, if you pray the 5 fard prayers, fast during Ramadhan, guard your private parts and obey your husband, when you die and your husband is pleased with you, the 8 doors of Jannah is open for you, and you get to choose which ever door you want to enter from – Sahih Hadith from Bukhari.

Thank you Salma, this is one of THE best topics and we appreciate all these beautiful reminders. ❤️

Jazakillah Salma

Inspiration – Maryam

Salaam lovelies,

Time for a recap of this week’s inspiration ;

Our lovely speaker this week was Maryam who spoke very passionately about not thinking that we are ‘mere housewives’ ever.
“In these times people tend to look at women and ask what kind of education do you have, “ she started off (attribution to us only through our achievements academically) “when life really requires us to learn through our living”. An education doesn’t prepare you for life, it doesn’t prepare you for cooking, raising children, or what’s expected of you as the woman of the house. Therefore women should not be attributed or made to look successful solely through academic achievements, because our success will depend on education, yes, but education on preparing for our actual living situations. She gave us an example on her own personal experience with her 2 small children and how she had to learn to cope with decluttering and managing household items i.e: toys etc….so she educated herself and conquered management of her home. Not for a moment think that you’re alone in your specific situation, there are billions of people out there, chances are someone is facing the same challenges as you are and no matter what your achievements are academically, as women, we are far more than just a ‘housewife’ (who came up with that term anyway?!) you are a manager, therapist, an educator, a nurse, but more importantly you are a nation builder. 🙂

Maryam, you are one marvellous lady and your inspiration was very moving. we appreciated your reassurance that we can be a lot by simply being ourselves 🙂

Inspiration- June

Salaam beautiful ladies,


This week’s inspiration was done by none other than our phenomenal June.

Though  she looks not a day passed 35, She enlightened us this week on what it’s like to reach the ‘Big 5-0’.

“When you reach 50 everything changes” ” she explained, suddenly when you reach 50 you may feel extremely tired & extremely drained and then went on to emphasize the importance of continuing our journey with staying active from now. At least if you give yourself a head start when you’re younger you will be investing in your future self.

June went on to speak about gratitude and the small things we might take for granted. Explaining that something that might seem so small, like reading Quran, to us, are HUGE blessings that are only wished upon by others. June gave us a detailed story about a woman in her country who due to legalities was not allowed to even own a quranic app on her phone and due to a series of unfortunate events there are people who are innocently put in jail for as much as 10 years for something that we take for granted here . Something for us all to ponder about.


Thank you June, very touching




Recap of this week I got a chance to speak to you ladies and give some inspiration on feeling better about ourselves.

The first point thing requested was to say alhamdulillah as much as you can (not intended to preach-fact); gratitude attracts more things to be grateful for.
2. lower your gaze even when it comes to other women, I gave you a few studies that proved that when women look at those fashion magazines, or actresses then we unintentionally tend to lower our own self esteem in the process.
3. Dress up! Wear makeup, heels (if u may) etc.. When you look good u feel better. Plus it’s free rewards when we dress up for our husbands ;). I did mention ALMOST ALL men feed off of Ur confidence….doesn’t matter what u look like just being confident is the single most attractive feature of a woman.
4. Remember we are a team. Sometimes when we feel low then we tend to be a bit more critical and judgemental of others. Revert back to saying alhamdulillah if that’s the case. Remember that we are all one team I.e: a football team if they’re picking on each other they won’t move forward. If someone has a talent that you don’t, be happy for them because that’s your team.
5. It’s been proven time and again that the happiest people are the ones who build others. So go ahead and shoot the compliments around, mentor someone, and just build your team
6. Finally, did 2 hijab tutorials – hope you ladies enjoyed it and remember them

A Journey To Our Past- Nutrition



When it comes to nutrition, there is an array of topics that can and should thinking homerbe discussed. Why? Well, let’s first ask you, our readers:

What percentage/ratio of our body composition is made up of nutrition vs. exercise?? 50/50? hmm…. 60/40? 70/30?  80/20?


The correct answer: 80/20.   So essentially however your body image is has a lot to do with what you’re eating. Before we get in to diets though, i’d like to bring a very important eye opening light to the front. For this; we’re travelling back 20 years.


Quickly glimpse over the next few images.


Interesting to note that a size large from 20 years back has now become our size small





Remember These?




OK so now we got a good idea on what’s really going on with the portion sizes…. but we’re not done one more thing that’s imperative we understand; after they’ve increased portion sizes on us by nearly double or more, they’ve also managed to shoot another very vital and unreasonable domain that keeps many of us from reaching our full potential.  Ready?

A fascinating comment made by Cindy Crawford herself:  “I do feel like an outsider now … when I was modelling, size six [British size 10] was a normal size and now it’s two or zero [British six or four].”



oh but we’re almost at the juiciest part. Here’s a launch of “plus-size” model Robyn Lawley’s new swimsuit line would be cause for celebration. It’s not. Another blow to healthy wo
men everywhere who are constantly bombarded by images of celebrities posing in bikinis weeks after giving birth and runway models who subsist on air and cigarette smoke.


Hmmm,  so what effect now, does that have on not only ourselves and what we feel about ourselves but our future women/teenagers and how they perceive themselves?


Causing 1) Eating disorders 2) Low self-esteem and 3) Depression

Here’s an interesting study done by Anne Becker in the Fiji islands displaying perfect examples of how television and those type of images depict how we view ourselves:

My suggestion: Try to stay far away from that ‘rubbish’. Never EVER EVER, compare yourself to anyone if you’re trying to be healthy. As we said in our first blog, being Healthy DOES NOT MEAN BEING SKINNY it simply means being the best version of you.





Intro To Feminine Fitness Force

Hey you guys,

Welcome to Feminine Fitness Force! Let me take a minute to quickly introduce myself. So, my name Tasneem or Taz (whichever is easier for you) and i’m a certified and professional fitness instructor. I love what I do. nothing amazes me more about the human body than learning and physically seeing the benefits and limits a body can undergo.

In these blogs, I want to start sharing information to help all readers, whether you be new on the fitness scene or a regular, to help move you to better understanding yourself and your needs to succeed at being a better you.

Without further ado, Let’s get started right away.

For today, we’re going to be looking at what makes you being healthy. Lets be honest this facade of fitness and working out is so prominent. I’m not saying working out isn’t important but is it being too emphasized on without looking at other aspects of our wellbeing?

anyway, getting back to it…..So if I was to ask you what is being healthy, how would you respond? think about it a moment…… is being skinny one? having energy?  being active? Hmmm…..

Here is a health wheel. It helps gives us an idea of some different attributes that contribute to our health. Notice how there are a number of factors attributed to being healthy, not just physical activity. so lets go ahead and start breaking it down…..


to be continued…………………….