Inspiration By Rina

Recap of our inspiration: As expected our lovely Rina hit a very much needed topic of Spiritual Hijra. She started off by connecting us with New Years and said that when New Years roles around we make all kinds of resolutions for change, to become better in areas that need us to grow. Because inside each of us there is s certain craving of spirituality it is essential that we quench our spirituality by wanting to create resolutions that will aid us in moving forward with our faith.


There were 3 components that Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) had when He had to make his Hijra from Makkah to Medina:


  1. He had a clear goal; which was to get the muslims to medina safely
  2. He had a clear plan (included strategies and had God’s blessings)
  3. And He had a companion (his best friend Abu Bakr)


When we have spiritual resolutions we should also include those 3 components (to help facilitate success rates) ; A goal, A plan and at least one companion.


Rina advised us with 3 golden rules 1)never miss a Fardh prayer. Commit ourselves from the hijra of our beds to looking passed the comforts of our bed or the self consciousness at work and be confident in our prayers. 2) Tahajjud (middle of the night prayers ), an essential part of our deen. Read 2 passages from the quran about tahajjuds virtue and all it takes is sacrificing 15 minutes before the actual time of fajr, a tahajjud buddy to help give us support for this beautiFul cause, reading about its virtue (to help remind ourselves) of how rewarding it really is, going to bed early will help us and remember that at first though it may seem inconvenient after some time we will look forward to these silent prayer times and rejuvenate ourselves with it.
And lastly 3) behaviour. Rina gently read how beautifying our mannerisms is also something very virtuous, we should be able to creatively bring people towards the masjids and Allah. Ignite joy and love in our environments and recognize the beauty of life in all conditions.


Thank you Rina, it is a much needed topic and we appreciate you raising our awareness and sharing strategies to help us succeed. 🙂

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