Inspiration – Maryam

Salaam lovelies,

Time for a recap of this week’s inspiration ;

Our lovely speaker this week was Maryam who spoke very passionately about not thinking that we are ‘mere housewives’ ever.
“In these times people tend to look at women and ask what kind of education do you have, “ she started off (attribution to us only through our achievements academically) “when life really requires us to learn through our living”. An education doesn’t prepare you for life, it doesn’t prepare you for cooking, raising children, or what’s expected of you as the woman of the house. Therefore women should not be attributed or made to look successful solely through academic achievements, because our success will depend on education, yes, but education on preparing for our actual living situations. She gave us an example on her own personal experience with her 2 small children and how she had to learn to cope with decluttering and managing household items i.e: toys etc….so she educated herself and conquered management of her home. Not for a moment think that you’re alone in your specific situation, there are billions of people out there, chances are someone is facing the same challenges as you are and no matter what your achievements are academically, as women, we are far more than just a ‘housewife’ (who came up with that term anyway?!) you are a manager, therapist, an educator, a nurse, but more importantly you are a nation builder. 🙂

Maryam, you are one marvellous lady and your inspiration was very moving. we appreciated your reassurance that we can be a lot by simply being ourselves 🙂

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