Inspiration- June

Salaam beautiful ladies,


This week’s inspiration was done by none other than our phenomenal June.

Though  she looks not a day passed 35, She enlightened us this week on what it’s like to reach the ‘Big 5-0’.

“When you reach 50 everything changes” ” she explained, suddenly when you reach 50 you may feel extremely tired & extremely drained and then went on to emphasize the importance of continuing our journey with staying active from now. At least if you give yourself a head start when you’re younger you will be investing in your future self.

June went on to speak about gratitude and the small things we might take for granted. Explaining that something that might seem so small, like reading Quran, to us, are HUGE blessings that are only wished upon by others. June gave us a detailed story about a woman in her country who due to legalities was not allowed to even own a quranic app on her phone and due to a series of unfortunate events there are people who are innocently put in jail for as much as 10 years for something that we take for granted here . Something for us all to ponder about.


Thank you June, very touching



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