A Journey To Our Past- Nutrition



When it comes to nutrition, there is an array of topics that can and should thinking homerbe discussed. Why? Well, let’s first ask you, our readers:

What percentage/ratio of our body composition is made up of nutrition vs. exercise?? 50/50? hmm…. 60/40? 70/30?  80/20?


The correct answer: 80/20.   So essentially however your body image is has a lot to do with what you’re eating. Before we get in to diets though, i’d like to bring a very important eye opening light to the front. For this; we’re travelling back 20 years.


Quickly glimpse over the next few images.


Interesting to note that a size large from 20 years back has now become our size small





Remember These?




OK so now we got a good idea on what’s really going on with the portion sizes…. but we’re not done one more thing that’s imperative we understand; after they’ve increased portion sizes on us by nearly double or more, they’ve also managed to shoot another very vital and unreasonable domain that keeps many of us from reaching our full potential.  Ready?

A fascinating comment made by Cindy Crawford herself:  “I do feel like an outsider now … when I was modelling, size six [British size 10] was a normal size and now it’s two or zero [British six or four].”



oh but we’re almost at the juiciest part. Here’s a launch of “plus-size” model Robyn Lawley’s new swimsuit line would be cause for celebration. It’s not. Another blow to healthy wo
men everywhere who are constantly bombarded by images of celebrities posing in bikinis weeks after giving birth and runway models who subsist on air and cigarette smoke.


Hmmm,  so what effect now, does that have on not only ourselves and what we feel about ourselves but our future women/teenagers and how they perceive themselves?


Causing 1) Eating disorders 2) Low self-esteem and 3) Depression

Here’s an interesting study done by Anne Becker in the Fiji islands displaying perfect examples of how television and those type of images depict how we view ourselves: http://www.nytimes.com/1999/05/20/world/study-finds-tv-alters-fiji-girls-view-of-body.html

My suggestion: Try to stay far away from that ‘rubbish’. Never EVER EVER, compare yourself to anyone if you’re trying to be healthy. As we said in our first blog, being Healthy DOES NOT MEAN BEING SKINNY it simply means being the best version of you.





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