Intro To Feminine Fitness Force

Hey you guys,

Welcome to Feminine Fitness Force! Let me take a minute to quickly introduce myself. So, my name Tasneem or Taz (whichever is easier for you) and i’m a certified and professional fitness instructor. I love what I do. nothing amazes me more about the human body than learning and physically seeing the benefits and limits a body can undergo.

In these blogs, I want to start sharing information to help all readers, whether you be new on the fitness scene or a regular, to help move you to better understanding yourself and your needs to succeed at being a better you.

Without further ado, Let’s get started right away.

For today, we’re going to be looking at what makes you being healthy. Lets be honest this facade of fitness and working out is so prominent. I’m not saying working out isn’t important but is it being too emphasized on without looking at other aspects of our wellbeing?

anyway, getting back to it…..So if I was to ask you what is being healthy, how would you respond? think about it a moment…… is being skinny one? having energy? ¬†being active? Hmmm…..

Here is a health wheel. It helps gives us an idea of some different attributes that contribute to our health. Notice how there are a number of factors attributed to being healthy, not just physical activity. so lets go ahead and start breaking it down…..


to be continued…………………….

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